Second Call for EIP Projects has been completed

  • the jury session is sheduled for mid-February 2018
  • the final approval of the selected projects will take place in April 2018








"More with less"

Environmental protection, animal welfare and sustainable economy have a high status in society. At a European level, there is now a new agricultural policy instrument, the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) which aims to promote innovation in these areas

EIP goals

With the European Innovation Partnership, the EU wants to bring a fresh approach to the agricultural innovation process, contributing to more sustainability, resource conservation and efficiency in agriculture


In SH 17 EIP projects are funded

From grazing, to more animal welfare for laying hens through to nutrient management on grasslands - 17 innovative projects in the agricultural sector will be promoted in Schleswig-Holstein over the next three years(2015-2018). This was decided by a jury during a selection process by the Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas, in April2015.The start of the first projects was in June,2015,(early start to measure),the last started in January, 2016.



Requests for funding: 

First call ended on 31.10.2014

The deadline for submission of official funding proposals ended on 31 October 2014

The next call is scheduled for 2017/2018


Applications & Forms

Guidelines, funding proposals and recommendations - the Innovation Programme EIP Agrar SH provides you with the most important applications and forms for downloading.>>


EIP Network

  • LKSH  Landwirtschaftskammer Schleswig-Holstein >>
  • Ministry of Energy, Agriculture, Environment, Nature and Digization>>
  • German Vernetzungsstelle Ländliche Räume >>
  • EU Agriculture and Rural Development >>

EIP-Agri Service Point

Banners and other EIP documents to download at the European Commission >>