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Tensbüttel-Röst, August 10, 2023 - Schleswig-Holstein is setting new standards in agriculture: the Ministry of Agriculture, led by Minister Werner Schwarz, has given permission to proceed for the fourth round of the European Innovation Partnership for Agriculture (EIP Agri). As part of his summer tour, Minister Schwarz handed over nine funding decisions to pioneering and sustainable innovation projects in the agricultural sector on August 10. The projects, which are funded with a total amount of 4.3 million euros, mark an important step from theory to practical implementation.
The range of projects funded is impressive. From "Green-Care - Social Agriculture as an Innovative and Productive Branch of Farming" to the "Nutrient Compass SH - an online platform for fertilizer planning and decision-making" to "Robotics on Digital Pastures" and "Process Pig - Monitoring Animal Behavior under Climatic Conditions", the projects that will shape the future development of agriculture in Schleswig-Holstein range.
The event at Thies Karstens' farm also included a tour of the farm. The focus was placed on the EIP project "Rotbunt DN (dual purpose)", which is about to start. The project aims to preserve the Rotbunt DN breed in Schleswig-Holstein, Belgium and Luxembourg. To this end, state-of-the-art breeding methods are to be established in a long-term and sustainable manner and further targeted measures contributing to the preservation of the breed are to be developed.
Faced with the challenges of climate change, changing societal demands and structural changes in rural areas, agriculture is expected to continuously evolve and implement sustainable practices. Minister Schwarz emphasized, "The formation of creative ideas alone is not enough. We need to ensure that these ideas get out of people's heads and into practice. By supporting forward-looking projects under EIP Agri, we are not only promoting innovation, but also intensive exchange between science and practice. The high number of applications shows the immense knowledge and innovative power in our country and within agriculture."
A particular strength of the funded projects lies in the close cooperation between farmers, advisory institutions, science and other economic partners. Through so-called Operational Groups (OG), innovative solutions are jointly developed. The experience and expertise of practitioners thus flow directly into the projects to create practical and effective solutions.
Of ten projects that applied in the "fourth call", an expert jury selected the nine most promising projects. Over a period of around three years, these projects will now be funded with a maximum of 500,000 euros from EU funds to put their ideas into practice and thus orient Schleswig-Holstein's agriculture towards a sustainable and innovative future.