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Project description

The aim of the project is the development of a tool that supports milk producers both in the introduction and in the further development of the process of "cow-calf systems" on their own farm. A set of guidelines and a consulting tool are planned to support the establishment of a cow-calf systems. Through accompanying data acquisition and evaluation in agricultural practice, the effects of cow-calf systems on calf and cow health will be investigated. The insights gained in the project (farm surveys, scientific analyses, stable school discussions) will be edited and summarized in a structured set of guidelines. The prototype of the guidelines will tested, evaluated, and improved by the businesses involved. After completing and supplementing the guidelines, the final version will be prepared, published, and made available as an online tool. In addition, a homepage will be created that serves as a platform for all those interested in learning about and exchanging information about rearing using "cow-calf systems".


  • Achim Bock, Lutzhorn
  • Heino und Sabrina Dwinger, Schmalfeld
  • Florian Gleissner, Domäne Fredeburg, Fredeburg
  • Matthias Jensen, Pellworm
  • Hans Möller, Lentförden
  • Jens Ottersbach, Havetoft
  • Uta Tams-Detlefsen, Owschlag
  • Falk Teschemacher, Dannau
  • Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institut ,Braunschweig, Christoph Bauch
  • CAU Kiel, Institut für Landwirtschaftliche Verfahrenstechnik, Kiel, Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hartung
  • CAU Kiel, Institut für Agrarökonomie, Ökonomie der Milch-und Ernährungswirtschaft, Kiel, Prof. Dr. Sebastian Hess
  • Martin Schaaf, Milchviehberater, Systemischer Coach, Mediator BM, Ellerhoop