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Project description

Inaccurate weather data or weather data not representative for the site can be problematic, especially when it comes to management decision tools. In contrast, a more accurate characterization of the field-specific situation can help to optimize the application of agrochemicals and reduce the environmental impact of crop production. The Agricultural Chamber of Schleswig-Holstein, 13 farmers and scientist came together to improve the situation. The main goal is to find practical solutions providing reliable, site-specific weather data for management decision tools in Schleswig-Holstein. In cooperation with the company WetterLand (, the OG wants to test and refine a innovative system which allows real-time detection of possible measurement faults and automated supply of reference data.

After the implementation phase, farmers will be able to use decision tools at the I.S.I.P ( and IPS-Weizen ( platforms with their local weather data. The project results may help to form a regional measurement network.



  • Landwirtschaftskammer Schleswig- Holstein
    Grüner Kamp 15-17
    24768 Rendsburg
    +49 4331 9453-300

  • Landwirt Thomas Hoppmann
  • Landwirt Erik v.d. Decken
  • Landwirt Broder Preuß-Driessen
  • Landwirt Cay Henning Hastedt
  • Landwirt Uwe Hamann
  • Landwirt Ludwig Hirschberg
  • Landwirt Friedrich v. Bülow
  • Landwirt Ralf Hartmann-Paulsen
  • Landwirt Hermann Freese
  • Landwirt Willi Tonn
  • Landwirt Wilken v. Behr
  • Landwirt Gerd Böje
  • Landwirt Hartmut Brockmann
  • Landwirtschaftskammer Schleswig- Holstein, Abt. 3 Pflanzenbau, Pflanzenschutz, Umwelt
  • Willi Hacke, landwirtschaftlicher Unternehmensberater (LUB)
  • Karl-Friedrich v. Bothmer, Beratungsring landwirtschaftliche Betriebe e.V. (GBB)
  • Informationssystem Integrierte Pflanzen Produktion e.V. (I.S.I.P.)
  • Dr. Arne Markus Ratjen, Wissenschaftlicher Koordinator
  • Dr. Holger Klink, Phytopathologie der CAU Kiel