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Project description

The state animal husbandry labelling starts with the labelling of pork. Pig farms in Schleswig-Holstein are to be motivated and supported to adapt their husbandry system and farm management to husbandry levels 3 and 4. In doing so, the networking of farms with advisory organizations should minimize the risks of conversion.
Using the example of eight farms in Schleswig-Holstein, the changeover process in pig farming to husbandry levels 3 and 4 is to be illustrated. The focus is on the development of a service package for consulting. Here, data on the type of husbandry, feeding and resource consumption are to be mapped and made available for further consultation. The system should also enable responsible persons to prove their competence.


  • Vermarktungsgemeinschaft für Zucht- und Nutzvieh ZNVG eG (ZNVG)
    Rendsburger Straße 178
    24537 Neumünster
    +49 4321-99 36 0

  • Torsten Bährs
  • Hans-Herbert Blunk
  • Jörn Buhmann
  • Jörn Frahm
  • Dietrich Pritschau
  • Gunnar Schuldt
  • Jochen Stamer
  • Nico Duncker
  • Kiel University of Applied Sciences, Department of Agricultural Economics, Prof. Dr. Urban Hellmuth, Osterrönfeldt

  • EQAsce, (Education and Qualification Alliance SCE mbH), Bonn, Prof. Dr. Brigitte Petersen, Dr. Juliane O’Hagan, Betreiber Plattformgenossenschaft, Bonn