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Project description

Four farms on the west coast were together with the Maschinenring Dithmarschen GmbH in Heide initiators of this EIP project.

The project goals are to develop a fertilizer management system to optimize the total fertilizer use in terms of new legal requirements as well as overall fertilizer application to prevent yield losses, or to calculate business savings. The construction of a fertilizer reference system is another project goal.

A resource-considerate and efficient nutrient management is not the only goal of this project. It is also important to attempt to continue to develop existing farming systems, to bring them to a higher level and thus continue to increase the competitiveness of farms. The demand-oriented fertilization is a social requirement, however, which brings major challenges for implementation in the marshland. Only with special effort and special know-how can this requirement be reached.


  • Maschinenring Dithmarschen GmbH
    Waldschlößchenstr. 47
    25746 Heide
    Thies Siebels
    +49 481 850770
  • Frollein-Hoff GbR
    Ute und Kay Clausen
  • Dethlefs&Kellermann GbR
    Maren Dethlefs und Sebastian Kellermann
  • Betrieb Ufen
    Jan Henning Ufen
  • Betrieb Mohr
    Jens Mohr
  • Betrieb Janßen
    Matthis Janßen
  • Landesforschungsanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Fischerei Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
    Dr. Kai-Uwe Katroschan, Gartenbau-Kompetenzzentrum
  • Dr. Hans-Siegfried Grunwaldt
  • Gemüseanbauerverband Dithmarschen e.V.
    Jan Raspel