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Project description

Digitization in agriculture offers a variety of possibilities for recording, documenting, and optimizing individual work steps. Many technical solutions are so far only for isolated applications from individual manufacturers. It is therefore difficult to comprehensively record and exchange data from newer and older devices from different manufacturers with digital platforms, so that it is often not possible to take advantage of the performance potential of the equipment. The OG wants to develop a router for agricultural machinery which collects application-specific data of the technology used via various interfaces, transmits it via mobile phone into the project-specific database, and thus enables the operations manager to retrieve the correct data according to the digital requirement profile.

The aim is to develop a cross-manufacturer telemetry box for practical operations that enables accurate and complete data acquisition from all production processes with all relevant devices. This makes for an efficient and resource-saving use of inputs, direct exchange with the in-house stock index, and the integration of older technology into the digital world. The new router ultimately facilitates optimum machine operation, monitoring of relevant process parameters, as well as training of personnel based on transparently documented operational data, thus improving operational efficiency and safety.


  • Gutsverwaltung Quarnbeck Milberg-Schöller, Quarnbeck, Christoph Schöller
  • Gutsverwaltung Mehlbek, Mehlbek, Helge Treuherz
  • Landwirtschaftsbetrieb Hansen, Elskop, Heino Hansen
  • Hof Wiesengrund, Stafstedt, Björn Volquardt Sievers
  • Gut Rosenkrantz, Schinkel, Tilman von Münchhausen
  • Gutsverwaltung Helmstorf, Helmstorf, Carsten Kock
  • Landtechnisches Lohnunternehmen, Bendorf, Hans Jürgen Kock
  • Fachhochschule Kiel, Fachbereich Agrarwirtschaft, Prof. Dr. Yves Reckleben,
  • CAU Kiel, Institut für Landwirtschaftliche Verfahrenstechnik, Kiel, Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hartung
  • Landwirtschaftskammer Schleswig-Holstein, Dr. Mathis Müller
  • Digitale Wirtschaft Schleswig-Holstein Clustermanagement / WTSH GmbH, Kiel, Tim Schlotfeldt
  • EasyKom GmbH & Co.Kg, Westerrönfeld, Klaus Dasbach
  • Landesverband der Lohnunternehmen in Schleswig-Holstein, Rendsburg, Niels Schäfer