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Project description

A serious problem for the whole nursery sector for years is the so-called soil exhaustion in woody plants.

For the elimination of this real soil sickness and controlling soil-bourne pests, there is an urgent need for an alternative to chemical processes (Basamid) that is ecologically, economically and socially acceptable.

The OG wants to contribute to the research of process fundamentals for the solution in soil exhaustion and wants to test the use of a mobile, continuous steam method in practice. This technique is of the utmost importance for all nurseries in Europe.

The realization of the project with the only available prototype in the growing region of Pinneberg ensures the local producers that a quick review and application of the procedure and they can be provided a clear technological advantage.

With this project an economically-viable alternative is provided for the significant Schleswig-Holstein nursery industry, and the environmental and social concerns of horticultural land management are significantly improved.



  • Service GRÜN-Fördergesellschaft für Baumschulen und Gartenbau in Norddeutschland mbH
    Thiensen 16
    25373 Ellerhoop
    Dr. Frank Schoppa
    +49 4120 7068400

  • Hermann Cordes KG, Holm, J.H. Cordes
  • Peter Harder, Ellerhoop, Lars Harder
  • Franz Lüdemann, Pinneberg, Dirk Lüdemann
  • Ralph Lüdemann, Hollenstedt, Ralph Lüdemann
  • Baumschule Mehlen, Ellerhoop, Ralf Mehlen
  • Franz Jürgen Oetting, Rellingen, Jens-Thomas Oetting
  • Mathias Ostermann, Ellerbek, Frank Ostermann
  • Sievers Baumschulen Axel Huckfeld, Horst
  • Paulsen GbR, Rellingen, Thomas Paulsen
  • Henning Pein, Appen, Nele Pein
  • Schrader Baumschulen, Kölln- Reisiek, Bernd Schrader
  • Stahl, Tornesch, Kai Thies
  • Erwin Vogt, Pinneberg, Armin Vogt
  • Hermann Vogt, Rellingen, Henning Vogt
  • Landwirtschaftskammer SH
    Fachbereich Versuchswesen der Abteilung Gartenbau
  • Versuchs-und Beratungsring Baumschulen
  • Landesverband  SH im Bund deutscher Baumschulen (BdB),
  • BTB Baumschultechnik
  • Gartenbauverband Nord e.V.
  • Landwirtschaftskammer SH
    Abteilung Gartenbau